From Homeless to Bestseller: WJ Constantine’s Debut True Crime Book Delves into the Minds of Serial Killers


Exploring the Shadow Within: Homeless Author WJ Constantine’s Debut Book Delves into Serial Killers’ Minds

Miami, FL – April 22, 2024 ( – WJ Constantine, currently homeless and living in Miami Beach, announces the release of his debut true crime book, “Killer Instincts: Stories of Murder and Mayhem.” This groundbreaking work explores the psychological depths of both notorious and obscure serial killers, approached through the lens of Constantine’s own life experiences, which hauntingly mirror those of his subjects.

Constantine’s journey into the darkest corners of human behavior is fueled by personal insights drawn from a past riddled with turbulence and the profound question he once posed to his therapist after reading John Douglas’s “Mindhunter”: “Am I a serial killer in the making?” This question, reflecting his deep-seated concerns about the potential darkness within, provides a unique and compelling perspective to his analysis of what drives individuals to embrace such extreme paths.

“Killer Instincts” is not just a series of crime stories; it is an exploration into the complex interplay of nature and nurture, posing significant questions about the darkness lurking within us all. “My experiences with adversity have forced me to confront aspects of myself and human nature that many prefer to ignore,” says Constantine. “This book aims to shed light on the psychological triggers that might push someone towards acts of profound violence.”

Despite the challenges of homelessness, Constantine continues to write and plan future books, each promising to further probe the mysteries of the criminal mind. “Killer Instincts: Stories of Murder and Mayhem” is available for purchase on Amazon and other major retailers. For more information about WJ Constantine’s ongoing work and personal journey, visit his website at

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